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World’s first scooter with an iPhone dashboard

17 July 2013 No Comment


Terra Motors, a Japanese start-up company that specializes in lightweight electric vehicles, has announced the release of their “e-Scooter A4000i”.  This electric scooter is the world’s first smartphone integrated scooter to  begin mass production.

The A4ooi has a compartment on the dashboard in which an iPhone fits. The  iPhone can display the vehicle’s speed,  mileage data and energy consumption. It has a top speed of 60 miles per hr and can travel about 40 miles per charge. The removable lithium battery can be charged in about 4.5 hrs.

Price Comparison

“We took into consideration what the middle class in emerging Asian nations wants. What are they spending their money on? Scooters and smart phones,” said company founder Toru Tokushige. The company is aiming to target the Asian market and the e-Scooter offers riders big savings on fuel. The cost of one charge is  90 %  less than the cost of a tank of gas for a regular scooter.

To start with, Terra Motors plans to sell 2000 unit by the end of 2013; each scooter costs Y450,000 ($4,500).  Global positioning applications are still being  developed for the iPhone dashboards. They plan to use the data retrieved by the iPhones  for storage in a cloud database. This information could help authorities determine areas of traffic congestion and assist with urban planning. It could also help create  targeted ads which are based on the rider’s current location.



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