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World’s first radiation detecting smartphone

30 May 2012 No Comment

With the last year’s disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, it’s no surprise that the world’s first  radiation detector smartphone is from Japan. Mobile service provider SoftBank has recently announced their Pantone 5 smartphone in an attempt to address the concerns of those who worry about threat of high doses of radiation.

The radiation detector is activated when it user presses a button on the front of the phone. A meter appears and a read-out is given.  But we’re not sure exactly how accurate this reading is. Smartphone blog Japan Mobile Tech has stated concern about the accuracy and reliability of a Geiger counter built-in to a smartphone. They worry that this may just be a gimmick to help sell units.

Though this is the first smartphone with a built-in radiation detector, it’s not the first we’ve seen smartphones used for spotting radiation. Last year NTT DoCoMo displayed some smartphone jackets including a radiation detector.

via: JapanProbe

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