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World’s First Commercially Available Power Suit??

9 July 2013 One Comment


What’s the best way to sell a state of the art 12.5 million yen robot suit? Get a school girl to model it of course. Sagawa Electronics has released a video with their spokesperson “Scar-face Santaro”  of what they call the world’s first commercially available powered suit: The Powered Jacket MK3.  Video below.


Assuming that you’ve just watched that hilarious video; you must be wondering if it’s a joke or not.  Though  it’s obviously not what you’d consider a power-suit, apparently 5 units of the MK3 is actually available for purchase.  There is an accompanying web-comic also available in English here.  Maybe it will help shed some light on the bizarreness?


The The Powered Jacket MK3 looks remarkly similar to a human powered suit we saw a few years back. Coincidence??

via Gizmag

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  • Brian Brien

    Just found this. A little bare, but looks like they are building it: http://www.japanesegeek.com