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Toyota’s Smartphone Card – Fun Vii [Video]

3 December 2011 One Comment

Minds were blown at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 with Toyota’s unveiling of their concept car for the “not-too-distant future”, the Fun Vii (Vehicle, Interactive, Internet). This is a car whose entire surface; both interior and exterior is a full color display. The vehicle is able to change color, display images and video, and also interact with the driver as would any internet connected personal computing device.

Their really flashy video presentation showed the driver using an augmented reality display while driving, snapping a photo with his smartphone and the transferring it to the car’s external display, displaying ads of nearby business and also interacting with other Fun Viis to form a large composite image in-sync with the others. An onstage demo showed a user interacting via the car voice commands and touching its surface only after the smart car verified his identity by scanning his image.

Why a huge smartphone on wheels? In Toyota’s own words; “A car must appeal to our emotions. If it’s not fun it’s not a car.” Though cool, this is of course a just a concept, I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see these on the streets just yet. However it does show what is possible given the technology currently (and soon to be) available to us.

What you do think? If the Fun Vii were available right now, would you be heading to the dealership? How would customize your display?

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