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Toshiba Donates Portable OLED Lamps to Disaster Areas

31 May 2011 One Comment

Toshiba has developed a portable OLED lamp for use in the earthquake affected areas of Japan. The company announced on May 30, 2011, that it has donated 50 units to an evacuation center in Miyagi Prefecture and that it plans to produce and distribute 100 more units.

Toshiba intends for the lamps to be used as reading lights. They use 4 AAA alkaline batteries and can also use solar-powered rechargeable batteries via a usb port. The lamp has different levels of brightness from 100% to 10%; the brightness of a desk lamp to the brightness of a cellphone. With alkaline batteries, at 100% brightness, the lamps have a battery life of 2 hours, and at 10% brightness, 20 hours. Toshiba claims that with fully charged rechargeable batteries the lamps can last up to 4 times longer.

These lamps, currently not available to general consumers, aren’t the first donation of their kind by a large corporation. In March Panasonic donated 1000 units of LED lanterns to victims of the quake. Good to see Japanese companies helping out like this.

Toshiba via TechOn

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    We visit the booth of Toshiba during the world’s biggest lighting fair in Frankfurt: Light+Building. They showed us two new OLED lamps. We have made some pictures of the lamps. Please see them here: