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Tokyo Tower to be Powered by Bikes

17 August 2011 No Comment

These days Tokyoites are very energy conscious due to the power storage caused by the disaster on March 11th. We are constantly reminded by posters to conserve electricity, the weather forecast also includes the city’s current energy capacity and even companies have drastically changed their work schedules to minimize their energy consumption. What else can the public do to help the city through it’s energy crisis? How about getting on a bike and using your legs to power the city?

On August 23rd there will be an event that will see 10 people use stationary bikes to generate 5500Wh to light up Tokyo Tower for 30 minutes. These human batteries will be using “power bikes” developed by Taiyo Denon Corp and Ito industries. The bikes consist of two parts a wind-power generator and an electric storage device. I assume the riders will be cycling for sometime to store up the power needed to do the job. All the best to these 10 brave souls for taking on such a task.

via: 3Yen