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Tokyo Flash – Traffic

27 August 2010 2 Comments

Tokyo Flash Traffic

Why would you want to relearn how to read time every time you get a new watch? Because you buy your watches from Tokyo Flash, that’s why. This Japan based company constantly turns out the most imaginative sci-fi themed watches.

Their latest model the Kisai “Traffic” uses a multicolored LED network of streets to display time. As with all of Tokyo Flash’s watches, it comes with a learning curve and luckily a manual on how to calculate the time. It’s stainless steel, the screen has an animation mode and it’s rechargeable via USB.

At about $190 it’s not too cheap but these watches appeal to both the geek and the kid in you. Check out their other stuff. There are a lot of models even more awesome than the Traffic in my opinion.


Via Tokyo Flash

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  • Kenny

    I wantz one

  • Kenny

    I wantz one