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This Week in Japanese Tech – Dec 25

25 December 2010 No Comment

Faking Touch Sensation

Waseda University is working on a device that uses visual stimuli to trick the brain into thinking its receiving tactile sensations that don’t actually exist. It works like this.

“To create an illusion, first, the hand is actually given a tactile stimulus. In time with that, a video showing receipt of the tactile stimulus is presented. Then the stimulus to the hand is stopped, the motion is stopped. But on screen, the object giving the stimulus continues to move. So user feels that the tactile stimulus, which should have ceased, is still acting, due to the visual stimulus.”

There is hope that the device will be used in games, navigation systems and in physical rehabilitation. But a quick scan through the video’s youtube comments and you’ll see a lot of commenters talking about using it in the adult entertainment industry.

Via: DigInfo

Robot’s Body Talks

Researchers at Tsukuba University unveiled Talk-Torque 2, the second in their line of robots designed to study non verbal communication.

Check out Plastic Pals for more info.

Vocaloid Fans Hack the Kinect

Check out Asiajin’s post about some Kinect hacks involving every one favorite virtual popstar Hatsune Miku.

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