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This Week in Japan Tech – Jan 29

30 January 2011 One Comment

Sony Dominated the Media

The most hype this week went to Sony with the release of a follow up to their PSP. The Internet was alive with rumors of about what features the PSP2 would have, and thanks to Sony’s presentation at Play Station Meeting 2011, we now know what to expect from “the next generation portable”, NGP.

That’s not all from Sony this week. Mock-up pictures of the “Play Station Phone” started showing up on blogs as early as August last year. Engadget finally got their hands on one. Here’s their review of a prototype.

Check Engadget for a really detailed write up on the phone.

Kinect Kamehamehaaaaa!

Hogehoge335, the guy that gave us the Ultraman Kinect hack earlier this month, is at it again. This time he performs the famous attack done by Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Via: Asiajin

Tweet Reading Robot flaps its lips

Charatter is little bear shaped robot the syncs up with your twitter account and reads your tweets for you. The toy comes with  software that translates tweets to speech and allows the little bear’s lips to move in-sync with the words. The Charatter is reportedly very popular and is receiving a large number of pre-orders. They cost about $26.

Via: Dvice

Fishing without all that pesky water.

Toy maker Takara Tomy has developed a device for people who want to stay dry and still experience the joys of fishing. “The Virtual Master Real” is an augmented reality fishing device that uses a camera on the back of the fishing digital fishing to recognize a target area where the fish are. When the virtual fish bite the wannabe fisherman can turn a reel on the side of the device to drag the fish in. This toy will cost around $76 USD (6,279 yen). Minus the fishing rod design, I don’t see why this couldn’t just be a smartphone app.

via Akihabara News

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