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This Week in Japan Tech – Jan 22

22 January 2011 2 Comments

Ultra Tiny DLSR Cameras

If you’re fan of cute miniaturized things that takes pictures, then rejoice. Japanese retailer JTT recently released the Chobi Cam One. These Ultra tiny DSLR cameras take pictures and video, and can use magnetically attached interchangeable lenses. As expected, the images captured by these little things aren’t of the highest quality, but aren’t they cute?! A Chobi Cam One costs about $120.
Source: JTT via: Akihabara News

Kinect Controlled Robot

Remember when people used to talk about the Kinect, they were talking about video games? Here is yet another awesome Kinect hack used to control a humanoid robot.

It’s really amazing how accurately the guys movements are tracked and how smooth the robots motions are. This demo by Asura Engineering isn’t the first Kinect controlled bot to hit the net, check out Taylor Veltrop’s version.
Via: PlasticPals

Salt Water Powered Bike

Japanese inventor, Masahide Ichikawa claims to have invented a bike powered only by saltwater. He says that by using a solar powered heater he’s able to create sodium metal from salt, which then is mixed with water to release the energy needed to power the bike. If truly effective this could have the potential providing a lot of clean energy for transportation. Mr. Ichikawa seems to think so too, as he says his invention will stop global warming and should be in the running for a Nobel Prize.

via: JapanProbe

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