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This Week in Japan Tech – Feb 27

27 February 2011 No Comment

World’s 1st Full-blown ‘AR Glasses’

Augmented reality (AR) head mounted displays (HMD) are nothing new. But what’s different about these AR glasses form Vuzix Corp is that they don’t block your view of the real world, the only enhance it. When you put on the glasses they are transparent, then with the HMD operational computer generated images are super imposed onto the user’s field of view. Images are generated via small projectors that cast light that reaches the naked eye by light guiding lenses and holographic film. The glasses uses a camera mounted in the front center to recognize and track object and markers. The graphics generated responds in real time to the movement of the user and of objects in the user’s field of view. These graphics can also be 3D, as a separate image is generated for each eye. The HMD currently works with a PC connected via USB that can be worn in a backpack. If adapted to be used with a smartphone like DoCoMo’s prototype the “AR Walker” the range on use of this HMD would be staggering.

A brochure viewed through the HMD

via: TechOn

Hybrid Finger Scanner Takes Authentication to the Next Level

It just got a lot harder to fake fingerprint authenification with NEC’s new contact free finger scanner. This device not only scans for fingerprints but also finger veins. Because the scanner requires both print and vein input it makes it virtually impossible for an impostor to log into your machine while it’s locked. For added ease of use the HS100-10 works contact free so the moisture of a user’s finger doesn’t affect the outcome of a scan. The HS100-10 is set to be released in May with the price TBA.

via: AkihabaraNews

The iRun was a Success.

Joseph Tame the creator of the iRun completed the Tokyo Marathon. “Big deal” you say? You wouldn’t say that if you knew what the iRun was. It’s the world’s most advanced mobile social media machine. In the words of Mr. Tame:

It features four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, an Android handset, three mobile wifi routers, a wind turbine (ok, so it’s a kid’s fan that turns around…), a 4-in-one atmospheric monitor, a heart monitor, a plastic doughnut and of course the very important satellite dish for high-speed data connectivity (cunningly crafted from a bird-feeding dish).

He ran a whole marathon with all that strapped to him, while constantly talking with the thousands of people following his Ustream feed. Despite a few technical difficulties, he made it. Hats off to you Mr. Tame.

More info and pics at: TM2011 and LifeYou TV

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