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The Week in Japan Tech Jan 8th

8 January 2011 No Comment

3D Headset Prototype

At CES 2011, Sony showed-off a futuristic prototype for a 3D headset. It has two 720p HD OLED displays, one for each eye. The headset can be calibrated for each users’ unique viewing preference. More at GizMag.

Robo Dinosaur Security

If you don’t like dogs but you still need a pet to watch the house while you’re gone, then you should get one of these robot dinosaurs. The respond to voice commands and can also be controlled via cellphone. The robots also have a camera so you can take pictures of any burglars they may come across. Interest? One will only set you back about $18,840 USD. Check Plastic Pals for more info and videos.

Modern Day Alchemy

Japanese scientists used nano tech to create an alloy resembling the rare metal palladium using silver and rhodium. Palladium, which is use in electronics, is really expensive and hard to come by. Although not possible now, being able to mass produce synthetic versions of such rare metals would be a real game changer. More at Engadget.

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