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Teddy Bear Robotic Pillow Stops Snoring with a Paw to the Face

16 November 2011 No Comment

Sleep apnea is a condition in which sufferers have abnormal pauses in breathing while sleeping, resulting in low blood oxygen levels. It’s usually characterized by acute snoring and symptoms include daytime drowsiness and constant fatigue. This condition is sometimes so severe, surgery is needed. So when researchers from Wasaeda University sought to tackle this problem, their solution was… A robotic bear pillow.

The robot monitors the sleeper’s blood oxygen levels via a pulse meter worn on the hand. Readings are checked against a program which has the patient’s vital statistics. The pillow also has a microphone that monitors the loudness of the sleeper’s snores. When the patient’s blood oxygen level decreases and his snores get louder this triggers the bear to raise is paw and brush the side of his face, instructing him to turn on his side instead of sleeping on his back. This action lessens the amount of obstruction on respiratory airflow allowing the patient’s blood oxygen level to return to normal.

Source: Japan Trends

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