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[3 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Yes, Even Your Watch is Telling You, You’re Drunk

They actually did it! Two years ago we reported on a concept design for a watch that could tell how drunk you are. Well, the designers over at TokyoFlash have actually made this concept a reality: the “Kisai Intoxicated”  breathalyzer watch.

Too see just how wasted you really are, you have to blow into a sensor at the side of the watch. Your blood alcohol level is then represented as a percentage with a corresponding LED backlight color incase you’re too drunk to read.
0.00% = “No alcohol” – Backlight: green – …

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[22 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]
New Concept Watch Promises a Cryptic Display and a Place for Your Secrets

In keeping with watch maker Tokyo Flash’s tradition of difficult to read wrist wear, the “Right Angle” LED watch concept would fool anyone looking at it head on into thinking that the display is just a mess of cryptic lines and blocks. The truth is, this timepiece is as easy to read as any other digital watch, all you need to do is change the angle at which you’re viewing it. All you’d have to do is flick your wrist to show a relatively normal display of numbers.
This concept also …

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[16 Jun 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
The Breathalyzer Watch isn’t Afraid to Say You’re Drunk

Remember that ex you drunk dialed? Or that facebook status that ruined your life? Don’t you wish there was a way you could have known for sure that you were completely wasted? (Would it have mattered?) TokyoFlash’s new LED watch concept wants to solve that problem, it’s also a breathalyzer.

The “Alcohol Test Function” is activated by the touch of a button, a cap is then released revealing the port. To find out your blood alcohol level, blow into the port and await your results. Your blood alcohol is then …

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[1 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]
Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM in Acetate

SciFi-esque watch makers, Tokyo Flash announced the release of a limited edition collection of watches made of acetate. The new designs are based on a previous model the Kisai RPM, one of the simplest to read of Tokyo Flashes usually complicated timepieces. These sleek LED watches come in a variety of colors, but in my opinion the sexiest of these would be the white one.

The other colors are cool too, they include graphite, pearl, and tempest (kinda like blue speckled marble) and according Tokyo Flash they are all handmade …

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[9 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
Wristwatch Phone – Pretend to be 007

With this concept wristwatch phone you could make calls, access twitter and other social networking sites, pretend to be James Bond and get all the chicks.

I’m not entirely sure I’d want this. Don’t get me wrong it’s cool, but think about making a calls. You would have to use a headset unless you’d want to have the other person on speaker (does it have a speaker?), and headsets are alright but I’d still want to just be able to answer my phone normally. The twitter function seems really useful, you’d …

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[7 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]
Chameleon LED Watch Prototype

I came across a cool idea for an LED watch at Tokyo Designers Week. It’s a watch that can change the color of it’s display to match the color of any surface.

What was shown was just a prototype. A large external power source had to be used, the overall design was bulky and the display was difficult to read in bright light. It’s a really promising idea however, would love see it in stores some day.

The “Air Color” was designed by Zeke Ma of Choterie; a group of students from …

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[27 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Tokyo Flash – Traffic

Why would you want to relearn how to read time every time you get a new watch? Because you buy your watches from Tokyo Flash, that’s why. This Japan based company constantly turns out the most imaginative sci-fi themed watches.
Their latest model the Kisai “Traffic” uses a multicolored LED network of streets to display time. As with all of Tokyo Flash’s watches, it comes with a learning curve and luckily a manual on how to calculate the time. It’s stainless steel, the screen has an animation mode and it’s …