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[7 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
Ultraman Transformation using a Kinect Hack

These Kinect hacks coming out keep blowing my mind. Here is Japanese YouTube user hogehoge335 demonstrating his heroic transformation into Ultra Seven, a version of the popular super hero Utraman. Watch Hogehoge don the Ultra suit, shoot energy beams at real objects and even fly.

It would have been cool if the entire suit was 3D, but this is pure awesome. Agent 340 would be impressed.

Via: Asiajin

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[25 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
Two Movies, One TV, No Problem! – Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual is a French event showcasing innovations in virtual and augmented reality. At Tokyo’s DC Expo 2010 they presented two exhibits.
Scritter developed by Japan’s Kanagawa Institute of Technology, is a setup that allows users to to view two different movies on the same screen at the same time without split-screen. So it’s possible for parents to watch the news and the kids to play video games on the same TV. You can watch Stallone rearrange someone’s face while your girlfriend watches the latest romantic comedy in your arms.
This is …

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[24 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Tokyo Game Show Montage [Video]

Here’s a montage of footage from TGS 2010. It’s everything you’d expect from the most popular video game convention in Asia. The big names in the gaming industry were out (sans Nintedo as usual), so were the hot booth babes and cosplayers. It was quite the spectacle; check out the scenes.

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[15 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Robot Ballin’ [Video]

While checking out the DekoRobo exhibit. I ran into Souichi Nagasato, president of MechaTraX and creator of the game. He gave a demo and brief description.
I gotta say, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. Easy mode was anything but for me and even Mr. Nagasato the CREATOR of the game said he can’t pass difficult mode. But then again I’m a noob, there is a youtube video of some little kids doing better than I did.
Check out the company website: MechaTraX

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[9 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Off the Wall Gaming device. [Video]

Imagine playing a game of Mario projected on your bedroom wall; you’ll control the little plumber as he jumps from poster to poster to picture frame. All this done using your cellphone.

This is already possible as proved by a gaming device presented by graduate students at the University of Tokyo.
The system allows a projected image of a character to interact with the surface it is being projected on. This is done using a hand held device equipped with a projector and a camera. The player controls the character …

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[7 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Photoelastic touch screen [Video]

Researchers at the University of Electro-Communications recently presented a touch screen system that provides tactile feedback in an interesting way.
The system uses transparent rubber applied to an LCD panel giving the user the ability to manipulate the layer of rubber while receiving real-time response. In one particular example the layer of rubber was in the shape of a human face and responded to different forms of input e.g. pokes, pulls and pinches. ….
The system has obvious applications in the entertainment market as users would be able to interact with in-game …

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[5 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Robot + Video game = Decoration Warfare

UPDATE: Interview with the designer
Deko-Robo Wars! which stands for “Decoration Robot Wars” apparently
A new arcade machine uses the humanoid “Robo Catcher” to interact with a video game. The player controls Robo Catcher as he picks up and drops a ball in one of threes slots in an attempt to hit an on screen target. All this to sparkly graphics, flashing lights and an energetic pop soundtrack.
via: NODE