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[21 Sep 2011 | One Comment | ]
3D Characters You Can Touch

RePro3D is a naked eye, multi-perspective 3D display that allows users to “touch” 3D characters. Using an infra-red sensor, the system recognizes the position of the user’s finger and the displayed 3D character responds to the virtual contact. The group is also working on a device worn on the finger that simulates for the user, the sensation of touching something when the character is poked.
What are the possible uses of this technology? According to Keitaro Shimizu of Keio University:
“There are many attractive characters in animations and games, but since those …

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[3 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
Your 3DS Girlfriend Won’t Cheat On You

Konami Love Plus promises to be the most advanced portable dating sim. To be released with the 3DS, it will use 3D graphics (duh), motion sensors and facial recognition. Using facial recognition it will feature the “boyfriend lock”, meaning no one else will be able to interact with your “girlfriend” except you. If someone else attempts mess with your “girl” behind your back she’ll respond to stranger with phrases such as “Who are you?”.
Source: Siliconera via: Engadet

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[24 Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Final Fantasy Diet Chair

When Ryo started his diet, he got really bored with measuring his progress and keeping motivated. So he did what any good geek would do; use a video game to help him out, and thus the “Final Fantasy V Diet Chair” was created.
It’s simple, Ryo sets a goal and measures his weight everyday, his progress with is diet is shown as progress in a Final Fantasy V video. For this he uses a Wii balance board hooked up to his PC and a custom Google Chrome add on. Here’s …