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Skin that Glows in the dark, Implantable Glucose Meter being Researched.

2 September 2011 One Comment

For diabetics, testing their blood sugar levels is an extremely important and yet unpleasant task. The traditional method of testing blood sugar levels involves a person pricking his finger with a small needle, putting a drop of blood on a test strip, then inserting the strip into a meter that shows the reading. For many this is something they must do several times a day, so you can imagine that diabetics are always looking out for less painful and more convenient methods. But I bet no one imagined glowing skin as an alternative.

Japanese researchers are currently working on a skin implant that changes it’s color intensity depending on blood glucose level. They successfully implanted this device into a mouse’s ear where it was kept for four months. A reading is acquired by shining an ultra violet light on the implant then using a light sensor to measure the glucose level by analyzing light intensity of the implant.

The researchers hope this implant will be available to humans in the future, however there are some problems that have to be solved.

“We have to find out whether we can continue to use this material, where we should implant the sensor and so forth,” said Shoji Takeuchi, associate professor at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo.

via: TechOn

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