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Robots with Guns a Good Idea?

20 November 2010 3 Comments

Robot de SaBaGe (Robot Survival Game) is a group of hobbyists who build robots that shoot the crap outta each other. Each of their robots has an airsoft gun attached to it. They’re put in an a field with obstacles where they battle it out. Here’s some footage from MAKE Tokyo 06.

The games come in to two forms, team matches , where small groups of robots use strategy to crush the enemy, or battle royales where it’s every bot for himself. A robot is out of the game when it’s damage sensor (a cube with foil covering mounted above) is pierced. During matches the robot controllers are only allowed to view the battlefield from a monitor with video from a camera mounted on their robot. The matches were a lot of fun to watch; the element of “danger” from the pellets added to it. The audience had to watch the games from behind plastic curtains.

The group founder Seiji Tanaka is an air gun maker who likes robots, so he decided to mix two his loves. The members of SaBaGe all work on there own bots in their spare time and hope that this sport will catch on in Japan. I hope it does, as far as robot spectator sports go this is awesome.

For more details about Robot Survival Game in English check out Biped Robot News Japan.

Robot Survival Game Bot

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