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Robotic Booty made for Slapping

11 May 2012 No Comment

Nobuhiro Takahashi is a researcher known for making high-tech devices for lonely people. He previous inventions include; Sense-Roid, a vest that allows you to know how it feels to hug yourself and robotic tongue for kissing over the internet (videos below). Now he’s at it again, he’s created the world’s most realistic robot buttocks. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, “Shiri”. (Japanese for butt)

So according to Takahashi and The University of Electrocommunication, this humanoid robot butt was made to explore innovative ways to use robotics in communication. They are also very interested in people’s perceptions of communicating with a robot butt. And how does one talk to mechanical derriere? As shown in the video it involves a lot of slapping and stroking. Shiri expresses emotions in response to these various stimuli. The different responses are tensing, twitching and bulging. Even though this is all explained, the question; “WHY?!” still remains.

Here are some of Nobuhiro Takahashi’s other work:


Internet Tongue Kissing Robot

via: Kotaku

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