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Robot that Walks on Water [Video]

3 August 2011 No Comment

Robots, they can fly, walk like humans, walk on walls and now even walk on water. Chinese researchers have developed a microrobot that mimics the movement of the aquatic insects water-striders, experts at gliding on the surface of water. Though not the first water walking robot, the scientists claim that this is first to be practical, agile and cheap.

The microrobot’s body is about the size on a quarter. It has 10 thin water repelling wire legs that keep it afloat and two shorter motor powered legs that propel it. The scientists say that this bot would be perfect for military spy missions and monitoring water pollution among other applications. Below is a short clip of the robot at work, it seems to be connected by wires to an energy source, I wonder how they will get around the extra weight with addition of batteries.

Here is a very informative video from BBC’s Invisible World series on the inspiration for the this robot.

via: GizMag

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