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Robot Teddy Bears

11 October 2010 One Comment

Fujitsu’s “Social Robot Bear Cubs” made a showing at CEATEC 2010 in all their cuteness. The furry little ones where created to help take care of the elderly.

The teddies are equipped with a nose camera which allows the them to detect faces and respond to movements e.g. If you wave at a Teddy he’ll wave back. Also 13 touch sensors around the body making them able to respond to physical stimuli. They have a set of 300 different different movements in response to user interaction.
Robot Teddy at Ceatec 2010
The bears can be programmed via PC to carry out different actions depending on it’s application. Fujitsu’s aim is it have it used in nursing homes to stimulate the minds of the elderly. And also keep them active through exercise sessions lead by the bear.

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