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Robot lets Doctors Take Emergency Ultrasounds from Miles Away

16 July 2013 No Comment


Internal bleeding is one of the most serious injuries caused by blunt trauma, as in the case of a car accident. If severe causes are left undetected it could lead to death. Luckily modern medicine has methods of detecting and treating such injuries. For example FAST: the use of an ultrasound to detect ruptures in blood passages. However this procedure can usually only be performed at an hospital. Enter FASTele, an ultrasound robot that can be strapped on the chest of a victim and controlled by a doctor from a remote location.

The FASTele was developed by a team at the University of Waseda. It can be used anywhere there is an internet connection and its movements are controlled using an iPhone. The robot could help doctors to treat patient more efficiently by allowing doctors to determine the severity of injuries before they arrive at the hospital. The development team hope start using the robot for pregnancy check-ups while the refine the design enough for it to be legally ready for medical emergency work.



Source/Images: DigInfo

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