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Robot Gets Stuck in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Upgraded Brothers Continue the Work

1 February 2012 One Comment


In October last year, Quincy, a Japanese made disaster relief robot got stranded in Fukushima nuclear power plant’s No. 2 reactor building. While on it’s way back from taking photos and measuring radiation levels, all communication with the robot was suddenly cut off. After attempts to restart the robot, it was discovered that it’s cable had snapped. Quincy has since been abandoned inside the reactor.

The robot’s work will be continued by two updated versions Quincy 2 and Quincy 3. Quincy 2 has a dust sampler with which it can collect radioactive dust or other fine particles. Quincy 3 has been outfitted with a 3D scanner. Both robots’ duty is to assess the condition of the No.1 reactor building to make sure that workers at the Fukushima power plant are not overexposed to lethal levels of radiation.

To make sure that Quincys 2 and 3 don’t suffer the same fate as their older brother, they’ve been given a 400 meter long cable, 10 times longer than that of the original Quincy’s 40 meter cable. This allow them a much greater range of operation. They’ve also been connected to a wireless network, so even if their cable are cut, communication with the robots is still possible.

via: Far East Gizmos

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