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Ride the Virtual Reality Train

12 November 2010 No Comment

A dark shipping container that actually turns out to be an intercontinental and inter-dimensional train. This was the University of Tokyo’s virtual reality installation at Tokyo Designers Week 2010.

The inside of the shipping container was designed to look like a train car. The windows were actually ten displays showing train travel scenery from countries all over the world. This setup was done by using ten PCs connected by a server. They controlled the ten different window displays; five for each side. The image shown through the windows on one side of the train was perceived as one continuous scene. It was however the same video being played on all the screens but with some time displacement, one screen picked up where the other left off. This tricks you into thinking that an object moves from one window to the next. An eleventh PC controlled the sounds within the train with ten different speakers.

After a view minutes in the container the illusion got pretty convincing. That’s why it totally blew my mind when train started going up an elevator.