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RAPIRO the Adorable Raspberry Pi Robot

26 June 2013 No Comment


Meet RAPIRO, as its creator describes it: “Looks small, acts large, its limitless possibilities all depends on how you program it.”. This new humanoid robot kit was designed for the popular Raspberry Pi micro-computer and aims to give users a number of ways to control their own humanoid robot.

The RAPIRO, is quite easily assembled, no soldering or advanced knowledge of circuitry needed, just a screw driver. This makes it acceptable to those new to robotics and mirco-computing. It comes with 12 servos, 1 for the neck, 1 for the waist, 4 for the feet and 6 for the arms. It can walk, twist its head and waist and grip small items such as a pen.


Though it’s possible operate the robot without using a Raspberry Pi by the use of an Arduino compatible ATmega328P. A mounted Raspberry Pi board increases the functionally available; for example the use of a Raspberry camera module would allow the robot to monitor your home, using a USB mic adapter it may be able to take voice commands, it is even able to connect to the internet to give you notifications from your favorite social networks.

RAPIRO was created by Shota Ishiwatari, who was a part of the team that made the dancing twitter notification robot. His kickstarter project has already passed its £20,000 goal, now at £34,916 after only 7 days. But if you back it now you’ll be able to get your own RAPIRO for £20 less that the planned retail price of £249 ($386).



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