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Photoelastic touch screen [Video]

7 September 2010 No Comment

Researchers at the University of Electro-Communications recently presented a touch screen system that provides tactile feedback in an interesting way.

The system uses transparent rubber applied to an LCD panel giving the user the ability to manipulate the layer of rubber while receiving real-time response. In one particular example the layer of rubber was in the shape of a human face and responded to different forms of input e.g. pokes, pulls and pinches. ….

The system has obvious applications in the entertainment market as users would be able to interact with in-game graphics in a much more involved way. But according to researcher Toshiki Kato it can also be used in medical training where tactile response is essential for the learning process.

“For example, if life-sized manikins are made from elastic material, this system could be used in medicine. I think it could also be used for healthcare simulations, such as massage and shiatsu.”

Video by DigInfo TV
via: DigInfo TV

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