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[26 Jun 2013 | No Comment ]
RAPIRO the Adorable Raspberry Pi Robot

Meet RAPIRO, as its creator describes it: “Looks small, acts large, its limitless possibilities all depends on how you program it.”. This new humanoid robot kit was designed for the popular Raspberry Pi micro-computer and aims to give users a number of ways to control their own humanoid robot.

The RAPIRO, is quite easily assembled, no soldering or advanced knowledge of circuitry needed, just a screw driver. This makes it acceptable to those new to robotics and mirco-computing. It comes with 12 servos, 1 for the neck, 1 for the waist, …

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[28 Aug 2012 | 6 Comments ]
3D Holograms of Your Favorite Virtual Idols with the iPad

HAKO-ANI (Box Sister) is a holographic display designed for use with iPad and other tablet devices. It allows users to enjoy 3D images projected from their tablet to a pyramid shaped holographic display. This means fans of virtual idols, such as Hatsune Miku can use it to enjoy tiny “live” performances from the comfort of their home. The tablet version of HAKO-ANI will be available on August 1st and will cost ¥36,750 ($467 US).

HAKOANI via Asiajin

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[19 Jun 2012 | One Comment ]
Videos: Realistic Marine Robots (2009)

Raincoats, plastic bottles, styrofoam, windshield wiper motors and a love for the sea; that’s what marine biologist and self-taught roboticist Masamichi Hayashi used to make these realistic aquatic robots. Among Hayashi’s creations are a porpoise, great white shark, green turtle, manta ray, killer whale and hammerhead shark. Back in 2009 they were featured on Japanese TV, Hayashi explained how they are used to teach kids about marine animal behavior and locomotion.

The 5 ft long coelacanth robot below weighs 105 lbs and cost 2 million yen ($22,000) to make.

via: Pink Tentacle

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[14 Jun 2012 | One Comment ]
Video: This little dog poops coins!

This little guy that I ran into at the Tokyo Toy Show is called “Lucky Dog UN-CHO-KEN” (luck saving dog). “Un” is also a part the word “unko” which means poop, and this is exactly what this puppy does. You place a coin in the dog’s mouth and press on his tongue, then he spins around and poops it into the bank. He sends your money down the crapper to save you from doing the same. *Da-dum-tssh*