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[2 Nov 2010 | 5 Comments ]
Worlds Coolest Golf Cart? Nissan’s New Concept EV

Isn’t this the coolest golf cart you’ve ever seen?

Okay, it’s not a golf cart. This is the ‘NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT’ an EV (electric vehicle) model proposed yesterday.
Four keywords outline the NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT:
* Innovative – New two-seater compact mobility for various needs and occasions
* Easy – Size which enables anyone to drive and park easily
* Safe – Maneuverability equivalent to motorbikes with greater safety
* Clean – No emissions while driving
One idea behind using this design is that it would be well suited for the elderly, this is in …

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[31 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments ]
ASIMO Dance Battle

Today is ASIMO’s birthday and as a part of the 5 day celebration, Honda presented what was probably the world’s first human vs robot dance battle.

For a better angle check out Moriyama’s video.
ASIMO went up against the Comedian Papaya Suzuki. I’m not gonna say who I thought won, that’s up you.
This was a part of the first of three presentations today. These included a talk from ASIMO’s creator, and a demonstration of ASIMO’s potential use as a companion, servant and host. ASIMO demonstrated how he was able to …

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[29 Oct 2010 | No Comment ]
Yummy Virtual Cookies

A device that lets you virtually change the flavor and appearance a cookie while eating it. With “Metacookie +” the user (eater?) is hooked up to goggles so they can see the design of the cookie that they are eating. The taste is simulated by synthesized scents delivered by seven tubes.
I’ve been racking my brain to think of how this could be used commercially. Probably in future when all plant and animal life is wiped out. And all we have to eat is a gruel of synthesized carbohydrates and amino …

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[29 Oct 2010 | No Comment ]
ASIMO’s Story – Honda’s Anniversary Video

“I want you to make Astro Boy—you know, the comic book robot.”
“What?” said Hirose, not believing his ears. Honda was going to make a robot?
ASIMO is the beloved crowned prince of humanoid robots. It’s been 10 years since he first made his debut to the world, gaining a fanboys and girls internationally and inspiring a new generation of robot makers. Honda is making a big deal of this event with a week long celebration from October 30th to November 3rd at the Honda Plaza.
Honda’s website just released the “ASIMO 10th …