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[9 Jul 2013 | One Comment ]
World’s First Commercially Available Power Suit??

What’s the best way to sell a state of the art 12.5 million yen robot suit? Get a school girl to model it of course. Sagawa Electronics has released a video with their spokesperson “Scar-face Santaro”  of what they call the world’s first commercially available powered suit: The Powered Jacket MK3.  Video below.

Assuming that you’ve just watched that hilarious video; you must be wondering if it’s a joke or not.  Though  it’s obviously not what you’d consider a power-suit, apparently 5 units of the MK3 is actually available for purchase.  There is …

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[7 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]
InsideAR Comes to Tokyo

InsideAR is an augmented reality expo which takes place in Munich each year. Put on my AR product manufacturers Metaio, InsideAR is the largest augmented reality conference in the world. What started as a small group of computer vision researchers back in 2006 has become an international showcase of the incredible potential of AR applications. Below is a video of some highlights of last year’s event in Munich.

This year InsideAR will be doing their first event in Tokyo. Being a media sponsor, TokyoTek is excited about seeing potentially …

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[6 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]
Augmented Reality T-Shirts Give You New Ways to Mess with Friends

Give your friends superpowers, pit them against each other, shatter their crystal hearts into tiny little pieces. That’s what this commercial for a line of augmented reality t-shirts say you can do. Check out these ASOBERU-T (asoberu means “to play”)

Developed by advertising company Dentsu, these AR t-shirts come with an app that lets you interact with the designs. By simply holding your cellphone camera over the t-shirt, you’ll see elements such as characters pop-up. You’ll be able to play with these designs and save the images to you’re phone and …

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[6 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]
A Cyborg Vision of Humanity – Keitai Girl

It’s hard to imagine life without a mobile phone, isn’t it? We and our cellphones have become inseparable. Your music player, video player, mini -computer, GPS, the list goes on. However the most important thing about cellphones is the that fact they keeps us connected and this is inspiration behind Noriko Yamaguchi’s “Keitai Girl” (Cellphone Girl). This piece is embodiment of modern human’s perpetual connection to cyberspace.

Created way back in 2003, the Keitai Girl was the artist herself in a skin-tight suit covered with silver cellphone keypads (Back …