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Off the Wall Gaming device. [Video]

9 September 2010 No Comment

Imagine playing a game of Mario projected on your bedroom wall; you’ll control the little plumber as he jumps from poster to poster to picture frame. All this done using your cellphone.

This is already possible as proved by a gaming device presented by graduate students at the University of Tokyo.

The system allows a projected image of a character to interact with the surface it is being projected on. This is done using a hand held device equipped with a projector and a camera. The player controls the character using hand movements, pointing at a target and instructing it to go left, right or jump with the flick of a wrist. Thanks to the built-in camera; the character is aware of its environment; walking on lines and banging into obstacles.

This system should be able to be integrated into small handheld devices such as your smart phone given that it has a projector and camera on the same side, which is not a popular set up in the market right now. So you have some waiting to do.

I’m reminded of MIT’s Sixth Sense interface; a system based on a similar concept aiming to encompass all our computing and communicative needs. Check out the demo.

Source: TechON
Video: DigIfno

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