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Nissan Creates a Self Healing iPhone Case

3 February 2012 One Comment

Now your cellphone case can magically heal itself from scratches. Nissan has announced that they will be applying their Scratch Shield technology to iPhone cases. This self-healing technology has been used on paint jobs of Nissan and Infinity cars for the past four years. Now you can have it in the palm of you hands.

It works by using a polyrotaxane-based paint layer over a ABS plastic shell. The gel like substance can heal small scratches in as little as an hour while larger more serious scratches may take up a month to disappear. Another advantage of this high-tech paint job is that the texture of the coating allows for a better grip preventing slips that cause scratches in the first place.

The cases are now currently in beta testing and are expected to be available with in a year.

via: SlashGear

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