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Need a Hug? Do it Yourself!

23 June 2011 One Comment

They say the best things in life are free, like hugs. But in case there’s no one around to give you one, then you can do it yourself… and it’s going to cost you around $2500. It’s called Sense-Roid, this demo consisted of a dummy and a vest worn by the user. Hugs and touches detected by the dummy’s sensors are re-created as the same sensation in the user’s vest by vibrators and feedback motors. So the machine lets you know what your hugs feel like.


Besides the obvious applications in the “self love” department, this device could be very useful in providing comfort to people who have been isolated from society due to illness. Physical contact with other humans is essential to maintaining our mental health, so I assume a simulation of a little friendly warmth is better that nothing at all.

Here’s the demo video from Sense-Roid’s creator. He’s really getting into it.

Reuters Akihabara News

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