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Dr. Nakamats!

27 April 2010 2 Comments

After reading that Sony discontinued the making floppies this month. (Moment of silence……….). I was reminded of the genius mind who invented it*[0]. None other than the great Dr. Nakamats. He was been described as one of the greatest minds of all time. The good doctor claims to have the world record for most inventions at 3375 and counting*[1]. Thomas Edison had only 1093. Nakamats inventions also include the CD, DVD, cinemascope, taxicab meter and the digital watch. *[2]

He’s also a bit on the eccentric side. Most of his inventions came to him while submerged in a pool with no oxygen holding his breath for as long as possible. According to Dr. Nakamatsu; “Oxygen is enemy of brain!” Some of his less popular inventions include the PyonPyon shoes allowing the wearer to hop up and down with ease, the Celebrex armchair which makes you smarter just by sitting in it and a prototype for future car which resembles one foot of a rollerskate controlled by remote like an R/C toy.

The Doc is probably the most interesting person on the planet. Watch these vids while I go submerge my head in the kitchen sink and see I can come up with something for my next post.

From Dr. Nakamatsu’s Wikipedia page.

Nakamatsu’s claims are clearly false. A search on the International Patent Document database (INPADOC) reveals a total of 395[3] patent documents with Nakamatsu as inventor.


An IBM spokesman, Mac Jeffery, said that the company does license some of his patents but not for the floppy disk, which they invented on their own. Another report said that IBM reached nonexclusive patent agreements with Nakamatsu in the late 1970s to avoid conflicts.

*sobs uncontrollably*

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