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Mice Cloned from a Single Drop of Blood.

1 July 2013 No Comment


Japanese scientists have managed to clone mice using only a single drop of blood. This is quite the achievement given that cloning smaller animals such as mice has been a challenge for quite some time.

Researchers at RIKEN center in Tsukuba City, were able produce perfectly genetically identical mice by a extracting white blood cells called “non-lymphocytic cells” from a drop of blood. The team has said that their technique has an accuracy of 85% and should be able to use on other species.

The group hopes that this study will be used to increase to population of endangered species. This method will also be very useful in field of research using mice. Often times mice are carefully breed and genetically modified to have certain characteristics, for example a specific human disease. These traits are often difficult to recreate and the mice are infertile and unable to reproduce. The ability to clone such specimens will greatly improve the speed of medical/genetic research.

via: NHK

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