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Toshiba’s Light Emitting Glasses

26 June 2013 No Comment

Light-emitting Glasses

Toshiba displayed these trendy light up glass to show-case their new “Transmissive Single-sided Light Emission OLED Panel” technology. The selling point of these OLED panels is that they have the ability to not only emit light but also be transparent at the same time.

There have been panels that can light up and be see-through, but the problem has been getting them to do both things at once. Ordinary transparent OLED panels have light emitting electrodes on both sides and can only be transparent when the lights are switched off. So for example if the panel were used as a window, it would shine light both inside and outside of the room. This might not only be aesthetically undesirable but also a waste of electricity.

Toshiba OLED

They were able to solve this problem by placing light emitting electrodes on just one side of the panel. And also arranging the electrodes in a thin striped pattern. The thin strips (only 140μm-wide!) allow a viewer to see pass the electrodes even when the panel lights up.

Toshiba has big plans for this technology as they’ve already prototyped light emitting glasses and a light emitting poster. They envision this panel being used in showcases, aquariums etc.


Source: TechON

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