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Two Movies, One TV, No Problem! – Laval Virtual

25 October 2010 No Comment

Laval Virtual is a French event showcasing innovations in virtual and augmented reality. At Tokyo’s DC Expo 2010 they presented two exhibits.

Scritter developed by Japan’s Kanagawa Institute of Technology, is a setup that allows users to to view two different movies on the same screen at the same time without split-screen. So it’s possible for parents to watch the news and the kids to play video games on the same TV. You can watch Stallone rearrange someone’s face while your girlfriend watches the latest romantic comedy in your arms.

This is done by the use of polarized lenses. Much like some 3d glasses that allow different images to be seen by the right and left eye, producing the illusion of 3d. This does the same thing but with two different glasses.

Immersive Rail Shooter

The other exhibit was an augmented reality game “Immersive Rail Shooter”, that allows you to use your own room as the setting for a first person shooter. With a Wiimote as your gun you can take cover behind your furniture, pop up and take out the enemy. You put yourself and your furniture in the game by using AR toolkit markers. The game then recognizes the real world objects and interacts with them in real time.

Here are both exhibits in action.

How do you see these two products being used in your life? … The future?

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