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Yes, Even Your Watch is Telling You, You’re Drunk

3 July 2013 No Comment


They actually did it! Two years ago we reported on a concept design for a watch that could tell how drunk you are. Well, the designers over at TokyoFlash have actually made this concept a reality: the “Kisai Intoxicated”  breathalyzer watch.


Too see just how wasted you really are, you have to blow into a sensor at the side of the watch. Your blood alcohol level is then represented as a percentage with a corresponding LED backlight color incase you’re too drunk to read.
0.00% = “No alcohol” – Backlight: green – Probably time for a drink
0.41-0.60% = “Getting Merry” – Backlight: yellow – Also known as the “pleasure zone”. This is ideal.
1.21-1.40% = “Drunk” – Backlight: red – Go home! You’re not nearly as charming as you think. You’re also legally intoxicated. So don’t you dare drive.

The “Intoxicated” also comes with a sobriety game which I’m really curious to see how that plays; do you get more points the drunker you get? You can pick one up over at Tokyoflash.com and tell me.


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