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Inside a Japanese Nuclear Power Plant [Video]

22 March 2011 No Comment

As you already know (unless you’ve been off planet for a few weeks), following a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and incredibly destructive tsunami, one of Japan’s major nuclear plants has been the center of attention in the media. After the plant’s cooling systems were knocked out by the earthquake and tsunami we saw a state of emergency at the plant and the surrounding area. Since then, brave employees of TEPCO have been risking their own well being to get the situation under control.

Though we foresee no nuclear Armageddon, we all have an interest in the state of the reactors in Fukushima because of current crisis at hand. But what about a nuclear plant in it’s normal state. What does that look like? Reporter Martyn Williams had the opportunity to see one from the inside back in 2007 and was kind enough to share his experience.

via: Martyn Williams