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Images of Japan’s Solar Eclipse on May 21

21 May 2012 No Comment

On May 21 Japan experienced an annular solar eclipse. Despite the weather being pretty cloudy, it didn’t stop Tokyoites from standing outside their buildings in droves staring up at the sky. Special glasses for viewing the eclipse were sold-out nationwide, understandable as the next total solar eclipse of this nature won’t be until the year 2386. So in case you don’t feel like waiting 374 years for the next one, here are some of my favorite pictures and videos internet users have uploaded.

by Youtsr on Flickr

@bluestylecom on TwitPic

日食 / Eclisse solare

by Stefano e l’inverno on Flickr


by Yoshi_T on Flickr

Helicopter passes by right at the moment of totality! (GH1 camera)

By Hikosaemon

Videos via JapanProbe

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