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Honda Develops Technology to Prevent Traffic Jams

15 May 2012 No Comment

Honda motors recently started testing the world’s first technology to prevent traffic congestion. This system was developed after realizing that the acceleration and deceleration of one vehicle affects the traffic patterns of the vehicles trailing behind. The system detects a vehicle’s potential to cause traffic congestion by analyzing a car’s driving pattern. The driver is then given advice on best times to accelerate or apply braking via an on board color-coded display, resulting in smoother driving.

Private test results have shown an increase in speed of about 23% and an improved fuel efficiency of 8% of trailing vehicles. Honda has started public road tests in Italy this month and will start in Indonesia this July. Traffic congestion is not only an inconvenience but also results in an increase in CO2 emissions. Honda hopes that this system not only gets us to where we want to go faster but lessens the burden traffic jams have on the environment.

via: Honda

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