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Honda releases their new personal mobility vehicle: UNI-CUB

15 May 2012 No Comment

Three years ago Honda presented it’s U3-X a tiny unicycle looking vehicle that magically moved whichever direction the passenger wanted by just a slight shift of their weight. Now they’ve presented the upgrade, a sturdier looking device called the UNI-CUB.

Like it’s predecessor UNI-CUB works by using an omni-directional driving wheel system but now also with a rear-wheel that helps with turning. Because of the unit’s compact size, you are more or less the same width riding the UNI-CUB when walking. This makes fitting into small spaces such as elevators easy. Honda boosts that the directional motion gives a level of freedom similar to human walking. This is fitting, seeing that this omni-directional system was inspired by their humanoid robot ASIMO.

What’s exciting is that they’ve added a panel control system. This allows the user to control the unit with a smartphone or any similar device. Movement can be controlled by combination of subtle weight shifts and commands from your connected device. This also allows for remote control of the UNI-CUB, so if you parked it across the room there is no need to go get it, just pilot it over to you. How cool is that?

Honda plans to start testing units in the June in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Museum director, Mamoru Mohri a former astronaut with NASA is reported to have said that riding the UNI-CUB feels “floaty,” and “like being in zero-gravity.”

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