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Honda Provides Smart Homes to Japanese City

25 May 2011 One Comment

The people of Saitama City, Japan are in for a treat with the signing of the E-KIZUNA Project Agreement with Honda. According to the agreement Saitama will be the setting to test the urban use of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and electric scooters. There are also plans for the testing of Honda’s Smart Home system in spring 2012.

The Smart Home Systems will generate electricity by using solar panels and gas engine cogeneration units. This extra energy, that compliments the commercial grid, can be used to charge EVs and help reduce household CO2 emissions. Honda also hopes that these homes will be able to independently produce electricity in case of a disaster.

With fears of an electricity shortage this summer due to the disaster on March 11. Projects such as this are a step in the right direction.

source: Honda

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