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Ingenious Virtual Shopping in Korean Subways [Video]

6 July 2011 3 Comments

UK grocery retailer Tesco has found a way to one-up the competition in the Korean market, they’ve gone virtual. The company has come up with an innovative way of shopping online. Costumers can browse displays in a subway station and buy products by using smartphones to scan QR codes beneath pictures of the goods they want. The groceries are then delivered to the buyers shortly after they’ve returned home. This system has been a huge success as it is a great way to do something useful while waiting for the train. I believe that one reason it is also appealing because the act of physically browsing pictures of items, as opposed to on a screen, is definitely be more psychogically satisfying for most.

via: PopSci

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  • The Dude

    Korea rocks.

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  • Ka Val

    whoa! Cool. Makes sense