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Fujitsu Design Award

6 June 2011 One Comment

In January the “Fujitsu Design Award 2011″ was launched with the theme “A LIFE with Future Computing”. Over 3000 participants submitted concept designs of what our future computers will look like. Here are the winners, very imaginative designs by some talented artists.

The Aid by Egle Ugintaite (Grand Prize Winner)

The Aid is a walking cane with a built in health monitoring system, an LCD screen that displays the user status, an SOS emergency button and an accompanying headset for remote communication. This was designed for the elderly as a means to give them the freedom of mobility and their loved ones the peace mind from being able to monitor them from a far.

Crowd by Philipp Schaake (Runner-Up Prize)

As if looking like something from out of Star Trek isn’t enough, the Crowd got top marks for it’s flexibility. It can be used in a variety of ways; as a notebook, a tablet, with the keyboard and screen separated and with notebook closed.

Integral Cord by Raphael Lang, Yu-Lin Hou and Chan Wing Tak (Runner-Up Prize)

Definitely the most “sci-fi” of the winning entries, this designers must have put their imagination into over-drive for this one. This “Integral Cord” is flexible and can be fashioned into various shapes making a computer that can shrink, grow and morph for different situations. The displayed imagine on the the inside of the coil is created by several beams of LED light that overlap to form visible pixels.

The Total Recall Agent by Shohei Nakamura, MoonHwan Lee and YoungWook Jung (Judge’s Special Award)

This one was one of my favorites of the 7 entries that received the judge’s awards. Imagine going on vacation and not having to carry a camera with you all the time, because the camera follows you everywhere you go. The Total Recall Agent is a flying balloon that records your activity while it followers your every move. No more one handed self-portraits or shaky out-door live web casting, let your floating stalker do it for you.

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