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Finally a Device that Tells You How Tired You Are.

10 October 2010 No Comment

Good news everyone! Finally, a way a to actually know if you’re tired! ‘Cause it’s so hard to tell isn’t it?

At Ceatec 2010, Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd presented their “vital sign sensor”. A device that measures a person’s fatigue level on a scale ranging from 1% to 100%. 1% being not tired at all and 100% being the most tired (all most dead?).

It works by the user placing his left and right finger on either side of the device. The user’s pulse and oxygen saturation are measured on the right finger. On the left finger an electrocardiogram (ECG) is taken.

The company hopes to have this device installed in portable products such as cellphones and handheld gaming consoles. Maybe your PSP will be able to tell you that you should really get some sleep in your next all night gaming session.

source: TechOn

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