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Amazing Art Created with just Your Eyes, for Cheap

19 November 2010 One Comment

Eye tracking technology for the disabled is not new, but the problem is that it certainly isn’t cheap. A quick Google search will show some systems can cost $20,000 or more. This makes the benefits of these devices inaccessible to many who need it it.

How about cutting the cost down to $50? That’s what the EyeWriter Initiative is all about. The EyeWriter was developed to be a completely opensource project that allows anyone to make their own eye tracking device from hardware that can be bought inexpensively. The team works closely with famous LA oldschool graffiti artist TEMPT1 who was left almost completely paralyzed by the disease ALS, expect for his eyes. They hope to provide EyeWriters to other ALS patients allowing them to create art to share with the community.

Researcher Zachary Lieberman presented on the project at Tokyo’s Pecha Kucha and also at DESIGN TOUCH. It’s simply amazing what TEMPT1 does with the device, he’s able to put a lot of detail into his designs, good to see he’s still got it. The support from the community is inspiring, TEMPT’s graffiti tags are projected on buildings by volunteers all over the world. The data from his artwork has also being used to program a robotic arm to draw them on walls.

Zach tells the story in his Pecha Kucha talk. You should really watch this.

via: Pecha Kucha

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