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EyeCan – Eye operated mouse from Samsung [Video]

9 March 2012 One Comment

Last month Samsung announced the release of the eyeCAN; an eye motion controlled virtual mouse. This device consists of a motion tracker mounted to the frame of a pair of lens-less glasses. The user’s eye movements are used to control cursor motion and clicks (I assume blinks count as clicks). eyeCAN was developed specially for paralyzed individuals who have no other means by which to use a computer.

When I saw the eyeCan, I was immediately reminded of the EyeWriter; the $50 eye tracker that we talked about back in 2010. EyeWriter apparently served as inspiration to the group of Samsung employees that made the eyeCAN. The EyeWriter’s main goal was to provide cheap and accessible eye-tracking devices to those in need of them. In that same spirit Samsung has decided to release a DIY guide for their device. It will also be available for the public for around 50,000 won (approx. $45). Well done Samsung!

via: Akihabara News

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