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Designer Prosthetic Limb may give Amputees a Unique Expression of Style.

17 November 2011 One Comment

Industrial designer and University professor Shunji Yamanaka has recently posted a photo of a prosthetic leg he’s developing. What’s interesting about this prosthetic is that it makes no attempt at looking like a real leg but sports an elegant futuristic design.

According to the Prof. Yamanaka about 8,000 Japanese people need prosthetic limbs, however most choose not to wear them as it is very difficult to find ones which are convincing enough to pass of as real. So he was inspired to create fully functional prosthesis that are in and of themselves works of art.

The model in the above for photo is a female athlete who regularly runs with a prosthetic leg. Though what she wore for the photo shoot was only a mock up that could not be used for walking, she expressed that she was pleased with the leg and the professor’s project.

via Asiajin

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