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Cute and Funny Stuff – MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 06

26 November 2010 3 Comments

Japan’s creative hobbyists were out in there numbers this month for MAKE Tokyo Meeting number 6. There were works from both the fields of technology and art. The exhibitions were generally impressive, here some of the cute and funny ones.

The remote controlled bunny ears were the cutest thing there. It’s a pair of animated rabbit ears that you wear. You can control the movement of the ears with a remote controller in the form of a ball (also dressed up as a bunny). The ball has a tilt sensor so direction in which you tilt it determines which way the ears move. This patron show us how to make it look good.

Ed is a gas powered robot dog created by Masa Kimura. This low tech bot starts up like your gas lawn mower, pull a string on his back to trigger the recoil starter and he’s off. He’s connected to his handler by a tube that looks like a leash, Kimura turns the robot off by releasing his grip on a handle which controls the flow of gas to the engine. Ed doesn’t seem to be able to change direction or speed but he was a crowd favorite. Watch Kimura take him for a walk.

These Meter Crawlers are a creation of Prof. Keiko Takahashi, they’re tape measures that crawl like snails. Takashi’s booth had a few of them in race against each other, it was kinda mesmerizing to watch. The Meter Crawlers are made using Arduino circuit boards and are programmed to carry out one simple movement in a loop. Look at them go.

Saki Chikaraishi’s iPhone costume got a lot of attention. It was a nice blend of a traditional art and technology. This suit was made entirely of yarn with the inclusion of lights controlled by circuit boards. Mac fans behold…

Last in the line up is a gadget I dub the “Ghetto 3DS”. Nintendo’s 3DS isn’t going to be released till next year and apparently this guy couldn’t wait. What he did was attach a sheet of lenticular lens to the an ordinary DS screen. Lenticular lens is the stuff that is used to give the illusion of movement or 3d on a plain surface, it was used a lot on gimmick rulers, fast food drink cups and 3d cards when I was a kid. He has a DS that displays a lenticular image with the lens on top to create a poor man’s 3DS. Though it wouldn’t actually be possible to render that image during game play and the 3D quality is poor, I thought it was pretty smart and funny for him think this up.

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