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Cooling Foam that Hardens Helps Battle Japanese Summer.

14 July 2011 3 Comments

Summers in Tokyo are notorious for being brutally hot and humid. This summer in particular there is an effort being made to conserve electricity due to the current energy crisis. The use of air conditioners has been reduced in favor of less energy hungry methods. As a result convenience store shelves are packed with a wide variety of products to keep you cool; facial and body wipes, ice gels and cooling sprays. These product have been extremely popular.

One particularly interesting spray is “Hokkyoku Monogatari” (Tales of the North Pole). After being sprayed it hardens into a foam that can be molded into whatever shape you like; a wristband, a necklace, whatever (I think I’d make a hat). According to JapanTrends, “The blue foam feels like a giant ball of confetti and as they squeeze it, the air bubbles expand and then “pop,” releasing a refreshing breeze of cool air.” Below is a video showing Hokkyoku Monogatari and another cooling gel “Ice Spark”.

via: JapanTrends

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  • http://www.facebook.com/robotbilattack Jesse Jardine

    These look really healthy and good for the environment, said no one ever.

  • Bo Treat

    why don’t they design buildings that have high heat reduction, and live underground? or channel the cooling of underground to the upper parts of building with convectional air currents. there are soo many ways to cheat the world, if only the energy companies didn’t rule it…